What is the Forgotten Legion? Not who, but what, if the entity is greater than the sum of its parts. 


1: To be unremembered (something).
2: Treated with thoughtless inattention; neglect
3: Left behind unintentionally.
4: Not mentioned
5: Banished from thought
6: Informal: To disregard on purpose, normally in the imperative, Oh its forgotten, no need to apologize.


1: The major unit of the Roman army consisting of 3,000 to 6,000 infantry troops and 100 to 200 cavalry troops.
2: A large military unit trained for combat; an army.
3: A large number; a multitude.

We are the unmentioned mass that rises when needed, and is forgotten again. We are a unit, like the Romans from whom we take our name. We are organized, trained, and fight well as individuals; but our strength comes from our unit structure. We understand that many are stronger than one.

We are Legion, and teamwork is our required discipline.

Like our Roman heritage, we are the tool by which our laws come to the lawless. Our oath, taken on joining, is to stand for the laws of civilization which give any military unit a purpose.

Thus we fight the lawless, it is our purpose.

We do not seek personal glory above our unit or our purpose. Remember not that I was here, but rather that the Legion was here. Say not that you were saved by me, but that a Legionnaire improved your life.

In this way, we are forgotten.

Our name serves also to enumerate our purpose. For there are a great number of harms that can befall a citizen, yet with our diligence these harms may be forgotten.


The Forgotten Legion was formed in the dawn of the Roman Empire. Drawn from the most promising of Roman troops the Legion was given a singular purpose:

Protect the laws of civilization at all costs and against all foes.

Upon receiving his assignment, the Legatus Legionis (Supreme Legion Commander - Publius Ventidius) realized two problems. First, his Legionnaires must be hand selected for their task was great and required a lifetime commitment. Second, his men, upon joining, must be stricken from the records of the Roman army. They must be forgotten.

The formation of the Legion was chartered under these conditions by Augustus Caeser in the year 40 B.C. by hand written decree. The decree, known as “Mandatum Effluo” or “The Forgotten Decree,” granted the Legion authority to act as agents for civilization and law; and declared this purpose was greater than, and must survive, Rome itself.

In its onset, the Legion was instrumental in the establishment of Pax Romana, the 100 years of Roman peace and prosperity. As Rome spread, so too did the reach of the Forgotten Legion. Ever faithful to their cause, the Legion has been a part of every major conflict for the last 2,000 years steadfastly defending the laws of civilization.

Originally Written by RxMeds (2008)
Edited by Sentinel (2009 & 2017)